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Notebook for the care of flutes

For noting down all of the interventions performed on your instrument.

In three languages: French, English and German

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ISBN 978-2-910745-11-0

10,00 €

Your instrument’s health record

Notebook for the care of flutesYour instrument is very valuable. The care and treatment you give it ensures its longevity and maintains its good sound quality. Using this maintenance notebook, you can note down all of the interventions performed on your instrument since its purchase.

Your instrument’s memory

This notebook contains all of the useful information, related to its purchase:

  • a detailed description of its identity
  • a detailed description of its general condition

Every time a repairer intervenes, you can ask that they note down what they did, for example, tuningcleaningrepairs or modificationsYou can then keep track of its care and known when the last time, for example, when it was last checked.

Knowing everything that has happened to an instrument saves the repairer time, allowing him to tailor his intervention and provide valuable advice and insight. In applying his stamp, the repairer certifies the work that was carried out. And you keep the proof of what has been done.

A constantly updated situation

With this notebook, you have a comprehensive and chronological vision your instrument’s condition. You can more easily anticipate the repairs that need to be made and what they will cost.

A safety net in case of theft

This maintenance notebook helps you organize yourself. It contains all of the documents related to your instrument: the Bill of Sale, the Insurance Certificate and photos of your instrument. If you lose your instrument, or if it is stolen, you have all of the elements required for making any declarations and you can easily exercise and defend your rights. You don’t have to search for any supporting documents; all of the information concerning your instrument is in your notebook.

An advantage in case you sell your instrument

You can give the maintenance notebook to the new owner as proof of how you took care of it. It’s a sign of reliability and might even increase the value of your instrument.

A high-quality product

Manufactured of high-quality materials, this maintenance notebook is made to accompany your instrument for many years to come. A convenient format, you can place it with your other books and rest assured that it’s always within reach. Moreover, the gilding on the cover will make it stand out. You will enjoy looking at your notebook, and its paper as soft as silk will encourage you to write some personal remarks.

  • Exists in three languages : French, English and German
  • 13 cm x 21 cm in size
  • 80 pages
  • Luxury hard cover, with gilding
  • Attractively presented
  • ISBN 978-2-910745-11-0

  • Legal deposit: May 2014

Devenir Musique uses high-quality, age-resistant paper, manufactured with minimum impact to the environment.

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