Secure payment

We offer you four ways to pay for your products: in cash (in person at our store), by cheque (in person or by Post), by wire transfer or credit/debit card online.

Online payment: two options

All clients residing in the European Union, Switzerland, the United States, Canada and Japan may pay up to 2,000€ online in purchases.

If you are paying online, you may choose between two secure online payment solutions: via Société Générale or Paypal. Once you have selected your product(s), you will be automatically redirected from Devenir Musique’s site to a payment page on the site you have selected.

From that point, all information related to your credit card and entered from your computer is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Devenir Musique does not have access to this information.

These two payment sites (Société Générale and Paypal) accept payment from all cards that have a CB, Visa or Mastercard logo.

For those residing outside of France, payment via Paypal is not possible unless the user already has a Paypal account, according to steps taken by them.

Payment security

Along with the SSL encryption that permits secure transactions on the Internet, Société Générale, via their SOGENACTIF service, uses a specific security protocol called “3D Secure”. This protocol “relies on the creation of an additional verification during an online purchase: in addition to their credit card details, the buyer is asked to enter some personal data, which allows their bank to identify them and to approve the transaction.” Once their banking information is entered, the buyer receives a code by telephone or text that allows them to complete their order. Using the 3D Secure protocol is free for the buyer.

Payment by cheque or in cash

Only cheques issued by French banks are accepted.

If you wish to pay for your order by cheque, your order will be shipped as soon as we receive your cheque and it clears. Please make out your check to Devenir Musique and send it to:

Devenir Musique

65, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis

75010 Paris

Don’t forget to include your order number.

You may also pay by cheque or in cash in person at our store.

Payment by wire transfer

You may send your payment via wire transfer, with no limit for all accounts in Euros, and for a minimum purchase of 500€ for all accounts in US dollars, Canadian dollars or pounds sterling.

Please wire your payment to:

Devenir Musique

Bank Branch Code 30003 Société Générale

Bank Sorting Code 03016

Account Number 00020505354

RIB key 85

When paying by wire transfer, please enter your order number into the text message area. Your order will be shipped as soon as the wire transfer clears.